3 Best Plant-Based Milk Makers

Plant-based milk makers are a great way to live a healthier lifestyle. It is proven that eating a healthy diet is the best way to avoid these health problems we seem to be facing at this time.

Slowly but surely cow’s milk is being substituted with plant-based milk for many reasons and one of them is purely health related. Plant-based milk tend to reduce whole body inflammation while cows milk does the opposite.

Oat and almond milk has become the most popular plant-based milk that are widely sold in local stores. Lesser known plant-based milk include pumpkin seed milk and cannabis seed milk.


Unfortunately, pumpkin seed milk and hemp seed milk are least likely to be found at your local store.

Moreover, store sold plant-based milks are usually loaded with extras that are not so healthy for you. Also, store sold plant-based milks often are highly diluted and has little to almost no original plant flavor.


Making plant-based milk at home would enable you:

  • Choose the main ingredients at the ratio you find fits your taste – you may use more or less oats, almost, seeds to make the best tasting milk to your preference,
  • Save money – homemade plant-based milk cost pennies compared to the ones sold at your local store,
  • Save our planet – less container to recycle,
  • Share more nutritious and healthier drinks, shakes, smoothies with your family members and friends,
  • To use it an incredible ingredient for baking at home.

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Making plant-based milk at home might be a tough job without certain equipment.

To make it a fun job you would need to buy a plant-based milk maker which in a long run would save you money.

Let’s look at the top 3 plant-based milk makers on the market:

#1. SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker

SoyaJoy Plant-based milk maker

Overall rated the best of plant-based milk makers. 1.7 liter capacity with bottom heating feature. The pot is made of seamless thick food-grade stainless steel. Grinding blades designed for higher milk yield and will never need replacement. The pot has minimum and maximum water level required. Temperature sensor allows control over overcooking which leads to lower nutritional content and quality. It has fully automated

5 functions: soaked beans, dry beans, raw juice, grains, porridge that enables you to make both cooked and raw plant-based milks, soups, and porridges. This plant-based milk maker comes with a measuring cup for dry ingredients, a metal mesh sieve for straining your milks, a plastic pitcher and handle for straining milks into, a power cord, a cleaning pad, user manual, free sample of Laura soybeans.

To buy: amazon.com

#2. Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk Maker

Tribest Soyabella Plant-based milk maker

Rated the best of plant-based milk makers with internal strainer. It makes soup, soy milk, porridge, rice paste, and much more in just 15 minutes. It also makes raw almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, pumpkin seed milk, hemp seed milk, and other plant-based milks in as little as 30 seconds. It easily converts into a coffee grinder with included accessories. For safe operation heating element is concealed. Quality stainless-steel design, patented helical grinding blade, cool to touch handle, automatic shutoff. Controlled by high-tech microprocessor. The pot has minimum and maximum water level required. Advanced safety features prevent overflows, dry heating, and overheating. Comes with milk screen, porridge screen, grinder cup, utility cup, measuring cup, cleaning brush, and cleaning pad. Outstanding results with dry and soak ingredients every time.

To buy: amazon.com

#3. Presto Pure Automatic Soy Milk Maker

Presto Pure Plant-based milk maker

Rated to be the largest in capacity of plant-based milk makers. Largest 1.9 liter (½ gallon) capacity plant-based milk maker on the market today. 7 functions (dry bean/nut, wet bean/nut, porridge, rice soy milk, corn juice, pureed soup, juice/clean allow you to make nut, seed, rice coconut, hemp, oat milk, pureed soups, oatmeal (porridge), pastes, juice. Try it with seeds as hemp, quinoa, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, flaxseed. The pot is made of thick dual layer stainless steel, has bottom heating feature. Comes with a measuring cup, a mesh sieve strain your milks, a small pitcher, cleaning brush, cleaning pad, retachable power cord, instruction manual, recipe book.

To buy: amazon.com

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