5 Features Your Surveillance Camera Should Have

Nowadays people spend a lot less time at home. It’s either work, business trips, parties with friends, family gatherings or you name the reasons. With so much time away from home it has become important to keep home under surveillance. Wireless surveillance camera has become very popular among people that spend majority of their time away. It’s important to research available wireless surveillance cameras on the market before buying one to make sure you are getting the best one for your needs. Let’s see what are the features of some of the wireless surveillance cameras on the market today.

Features you should look for in a wireless surveillance camera

Firstly, you have to decide where you are going to use the camera. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Some of the surveillance cameras can only be used indoors and provide no protection against the elements. Be mindful of this when you’re buying a surveillance camera.

Second, does the camera support night vision aka night time surveillance? Night vision enhanced surveillance cameras are the most popular among buyers these days and there are plenty of different brands offering their versions of wireless surveillance camera with night vision feature.

Third, does the surveillance camera have 2-way communication feature? Cameras with this feature have built-in speakers and microphones. This feature is often used in baby monitoring cameras.

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Fourth, does it send you alerts on your phone about suspicious activity around your property? Some of the surveillance cameras allow wireless activity watching on smartphones. That’s right, you can literally watch what’s going on in your home anytime.

And the last one, but not any less important feature, is video recording into the Cloud. There are cameras that upload surveillance records into the Cloud meaning you can check it later if there was any sign of suspicious activity.

All these features can be found in numerous wireless surveillance cameras. Some of them will have few features while other ones might have all of the features mentioned before. All you need to do is to decide which features you want and go for a hunt for one of them.

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