Essentials For Your New Rescue Dog 2020

Dog essentials make it easier to take care of your dog. They also keep your dog happy and healthy.

We’ve all heard of the sayings about dogs being man’s best friend. The reason a dog is man’s best friend is that they are social creatures who will enjoy spending time with you. This is an animal who needs to be around people, to feel needed , and get a lot of love from their owners.

Most dogs like to climb into your lap (size permitting), they like to give us dog kisses, they calm our nerves when we’re anxious, and cheer us up when we are sad. A dog will enjoy playing with other dogs, taking part in dog games and activities and cuddling up next to you to snuggle. Dogs have the ability to understand that you care about them, and attention makes them feel safe and loved. When you are consistent in this kind of relationship it will be a rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner.

Learn how to grow microgreens in this article (some microgreens are safe to feed to your dog): Common Microgreens You Can Easily Grow At Home

Just as humans can get bored of being with each other, dogs can get bored of your company. You must take some time to find activities that the dog finds enjoyable, as well as things that he or she enjoys doing with you. This will be a great learning experience for both the dog and the owner. It will help the dog to learn how to play the game of interactive relationships.

Overall a dog is an ideal companion for these trying times. To make sure your new friend is living his best life, we’ve compiled a list of things to get you started.

Dog essentials you should consider buying:

Healthy Food

Organic dog food does not contain any genetically modified material. This is usually the healthier option for pets that need meat, egg, and dairy products that are organically grown. It’s also less like to have artificial preservatives. Non-organic dog food is produced with chemicals, which makes it unsafe for both humans and pets. If you are not sure whether the food your pet eats is organic, you should check the label.

Picking dog food can be a challenge. It is important to do research before making a choice so that you can be sure you are feeding your dog the best type of food possible.

Also, pick natural and if possible organic treats and snacks for your dog to make sure he stays healthy.

You can make healthy dog treats at home. There are lots of blogs that specializes in dogs treats’ recipes. Most of them are very easy to make and don’t take much time.

Non-Plastic Water bowl

Avoid using plastic bowls. It often releases toxic chemicals into water and food and may cause your dog health issues in the long run. Stainless steel bowls or glass bowls are safer options.

Make sure your dog has bowl of fresh water at all times. Water is necessary to keep your dog hydrated. Water also helps to flush toxins, helps to digest food, and absorb nutrients. Clean the water bowl the least toxic (preferably with soda and hot water) way at least once a day. Don’t forget to check if the water bowl needs refilling during the day as well.


Dog essentials

The great thing about dog exercise is that it doesn’t require a lot of work on your part. It can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk.

A walk should be the first thing you do when you’re thinking about getting your dog involved in some exercise. It has to be done on a regular basis. If you let your dog get too lazy to exercise, he or she will not remain healthy.


No dog food will ever have all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay healthy. In case your dog is not eating raw meat and veggies, you should be including high quality supplements in your dogs diet. It would be wise to consult with your vet to make sure your dog is getting the right vitamins and minerals he or she needs.

Feeding your dog raw meat will require to deworm your pet more often. Deworming your pet may damage your dog’s liver.

If your dog likes chewing on grass, consider sprouting and growing microgreens just for your dog. Research what greens are well tolerated by dogs. Greens are often grown and used by people for health benefits.

Comfortable Dog Bed with Sides

Dgo essentials

Have you noticed how dogs love putting their chins over things like toys, pillows, bed sides? If your dog does that, consider researching a well made dog bed with sides for him or her.

Soft Toy

Some dogs love soft toys with a squeaky inside. They play with it and carry it around just like human toddlers do. If your dog is a soft toy fan, make sure you get one that is safe for dogs.

Cleanser for Eyes and Ears

Most pets have that issue. It may be caused by wind, dust, sunlight, allergies, infection, etc. To avoid any eye infection, avoid cleaning dog’s eyes with hands. Always use a cotton pad and a gentle eye cleanser product. Ear cleanser liquid will not be used as often, but it is one of the essentials for dogs. Keeping your dog’s ears clean will help stave off painful ear infections.

Coat Care

  • Parasite control shampoo – 2 in 1 might save you money, not only clean, but also kill parasites on your dog’s fur. If you need other types of parasite control products, make sure it’s as organic and dog friendly as possible. Talk to your vet for recommendations.
  • Furminator – It’s recommended to use a furminator on your dogs once a month. It helps to get rid of the old hair that has difficulty falling out naturally.
  • Brush – It’s a good thing to have if you plan on brushing your dog daily. Brushing your dog daily would minimize the amount of hair on the furniture and floor. As a happy bonus, most dogs love being brushed.

Pee pads

Great thing to have just in case it’s a rainy day or some other issue that prevent you from taking your dog for a walk. There are disposable pee pads and reusable pee pads on the market to choose from.

Odor Neutralizer

Owning any kind of pet will bring certain unwanted odors to the house. Odor neutralizer is a great option to remove those unwanted odors. There are plenty of non-toxic to pets odor neutralizers on the market. Also, there are some recipes online created by pet owners on how to make an odor neutralizer at home.

Leash and Collar

Very wide variety to choose from. Research well and make sure it’s comfortable for your pet. It’s your pet who is going to wear it all the time or most of the time and it must be comfortable. There are plenty of leash options on the market. Make sure to buy one that isn’t too long, or too short. A retractable leash is a great option – it allows you to vary the length for different situations.

Name Tag

It’s a great thing to add to your dogs collar just in case your dog runs away and gets lost. If found by people, they could easily contact you using the information that’s imprinted in your dog’s name tag. Just make sure the information is correct and not out of date. Otherwise, there is no point for your dog to wear it.

Dog Stroller or Carrier

The difference is that dog stroller you don’t have to carry like a carrier. It usually doesn’t take much space either. They come in different sizes and capacities. It’s a very useful dog care essential to have. In case you need to take your sick dog to a nearby vet or your senior dog can’t go for long walks, it’s a great product to own.

Portable Paw Cleaner

Very useful thing to have. You can clean you dogs paws every time he or she comes back from outside to maintain hygienic environment at home. Avoid using soap each time because it will dry out paw skin and may cause issues. Using water may be sufficient.

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