Losing Unwanted Weight For Life

No starvation Required. No Yo-yo Effect

Losing unwanted weight doesn’t get you trim and shapely body. Often strict dieting leads to extra weight gain shortly after it ends which discourages people from dieting again. Restricting yourself from foods you love and consuming fewer calories that keep you constantly hungry has destructive affect on your mental and physical health. You experience severe mood swings which complicates relationship with your family and friends.

Moreover, just losing unwanted weight doesn’t get you gain lean body mass. More likely you lose both fat and muscle mass during strict dieting. Also, you lose strength.

For those reasons, more people leaning towards changing their lifestyle and instead of strict diets they choose to do body recomposition. Body recomposition requires different fitness and nutrition techniques from people who are just trying to lose unwanted weight. It’s more of a lifestyle than a short-term diet and training program.

During body recomposition you lose body fat while gaining lean mass. And it’s very effective for reducing visibility of cellulite.

Losing weight and gaining muscle

Gaining muscle mass benefits don’t end with cellulite visibility reduction. Gaining muscle mass also:

  • Helps to keep bones density and strength
  • Increases energy level
  • Helps maintain correct posture
  • Increases metabolism and helps to keep a healthy body weight
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Increases chances of surviving and reduces recovery time from illnesses, etc.

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Gaining muscle requires weight training. Over time your muscles stop growing, then you must increase either weight or repetitions to keep gaining muscle. Remember that the heavier weights you use during training, the higher chances of injury.

Reaping maximum benefits using just 30 to 50 percent of weight you would normally use.

A new trend suggests that you can reap maximum benefits using just 30 to 50 percent of weight you would normally use.

Kaatsu training (invented by Japanese Dr. Yoshiaki Sato) enables you to gain muscles with less weight used but increased repetitions. Kaatsu training is used to maximize potential and safety in athletic performance, rehabilitation and recovery.

Blood flow restriction (Kaatsu) benefits include:

  • Increases strength with 30 to 50 percent of usual loads
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Improves muscle endurance
  • Improves muscle protein synthesis in the elderly
  • Increases strength and muscle growth after surgery
  • Increases growth hormone response

Blood flow restriction training requires a blood flow restriction training system. It usually includes cuffs and a pump. Blood flow restriction cuffs can be used for both arm and leg strength training. The pump helps to measure the restriction level your arms and legs require to gain maximum results while strength training.

Remember, only put on your arms for 15 minutes at a time, 20 minutes on your legs at a time to avoid any muscle damage.

There are quite a few blood flow restriction training systems on the market today. Let’s look at couple of them and another available option, affordable to most people.

#1 EDGE Restriction System BFR Cuffs

Losing unwanted weight - gaining muscle

Offers a variety of cuff and pump sets available. You can choose the size of a set to your preference.

To buy: edgemobilitysystem.com

They also have Blood Flow Restriction Training Workshop Online.

Losing unwanted weight - BFR training

What you get with it:

  • PDF file to follow along with the lecture
  • Unlimited access to the 5 hours of video
  • Sample programming for the upper and lower body
  • Bonus reference charts available for easy printing
  • Everything your need to submit for CEU approval for your state board manually
  • Bonus reference charts available for easy printing
  • Everything you need to submit for CEU approval for your state board manually

To buy: edgemobilitysystem.com

#2 B Strong BFR Training System

Losing unwanted weight - BFR training system

Another great option for BFR training system. They also have a variety of arm and leg bands with pump. Each set comes with a license for their guidance app and a carrying case.

To buy: bstrong.training

#3 BFR Bands Occlusion Training Bands

Losing unwanted weight - BFR training bands

Another quite different option for blood flow restriction training. Set doesn’t include any pump. It’s probably the best option for those who aren’t sure about investing into a professional BFR training system yet.

The patented bands are extra thick, about 2 inches wide, exceptionally comfortable. They are easy to strap up, effortless to release in between sets or exercises if needed. Set includes two bands to allow you exercise both legs or both arms at the same time.

To buy: amazon.com

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