36 Things To Do When You’re Self-Quarantining

Concerts are being delayed, your favorite team’s games canceled, schools are closed, and traveler hot spots are closed down. Medical professionals suggest that even those who show no sign of illness stay home during this time of world-wide pandemic. It’s encouraged that you self-isolate. (Some places mandatory.)

Although self-isolation is a good way to safeguard yourself and others from the coronavirus, and is a crucial step to assist “flatten the curve” of day-to-day cases that put pressure on our health care system, it can get pretty dull after awhile. You can only rewatch Game of Thrones so many times.

Cabin fever kicking in? Running out of things to do? In no particular order, here is a list of 36 things to do when you’re self-quarantining. Stave off boredom – maybe improve yourself – and make the time go by a bit faster.

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36 things to do when you’re self-quarantining:

  1. Binge-watch old sitcoms. Laughter improves your mood and boosts your immunities.
  2. Learn another language. Studies have shown learning another language literally makes your brain bigger.
  3. Teach your dog a new trick – or your cat, bird, hamster, pig, bug, etc.
  4. Watch those critically acclaimed, super-long movies you said you watched, but never did.
  5. Declutter your house. Aren’t you tired of having to keep that tremendous amount of piled stuff from avalanching while trying to take the vacuum out of the closet? I bet that doesn’t spark joy.
  6. Assuming you’re not alone, play a board game. A game of Monopoly can go on longer than most pandemics.
  7. Learn a musical instrument – provided your neighbors are ok with it. They probably aren’t, but whatevs.
  8. Try on all of your clothes. Get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit/went out of style. Pro tip: Crocs were never in style.
  9. Learn to knit! YouTube can help you with this, although you’ll likely wind up watching hundreds of dog videos instead.
  10. Write a short story, or a long one, depending on your situation.
  1. Fix broken stuff around the house that you’ve been putting off. Now that you’re home all the time, having to flush the toilet with a screwdriver will grow tiresome.
  2. Attempt a self portrait while looking at yourself in a mirror, realize you can’t draw, and have a few drinks instead.
  3. Coloring books aren’t only for kids, just saying.
  4. Go through your makeup and toss old stuff. No one wears orange lipstick anymore.
  5. Try out different recipes found online. Nutella cake is delish.
  6. Now would be a great time to try different hair colors. If it winds up looking terrible there’s no one around to see.
  7. Try out a digital comics subscription. Marvel Unlimited is a great one.
  8. Learn how to dance. Bonus points for learning how to dance and play the accordion simultaneously.
  9. Start doing things with your non-dominant hand. This also adds a secondary time killer – cleaning toothpaste off the mirror.
  10. Learn to braid your hair. If you’re bald, watch hair braiding tutorials on YouTube and then take a nap.
  1. Try your hand at baking. See if you’re worse than those people on “Nailed It!”.
  2. Read a book that’s also a movie, then watch the movie.
  3. Watch movies that have won “Best Picture” in the last few years.
  4. Watch the movies that didn’t win. You’re going to be watching a lot of movies is what I’m trying to say.
  5. Organize your Tupperware. Make sure everything has a lid.
  6. Try to make something crafty you found on Pinterest.
  7. Put together some puzzles. Shawl optional.
  8. Perfect those family recipes.
  9. Write a book with help of your family members. Each person writes a chapter.
  10. Clean your shower. Seriously, it’s disgusting.
  1. Blog about your self-quarantined experiences. I’d leave the part out about the filthy shower, though.
  2. Rearrange your furniture. If you do this every couple of days, it’ll seem like you’re in a different house. Pro tip: wine helps with this illusion.
  3. Bust out the Legos. Build a tiny house and quarantine the Lego people, then constantly rearrange their furniture
  4. Watch the Star Wars franchise in this order: Rogue One-IV-V-II-III-Solo-VI-VII-VIII-IX.
  5. Learn some magic tricks. “Watch me make this boredom disappear!”
  6. Sleep a lot. This one should have been number one.

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