What’s Hot In Tech 2020

What's hot in tech 2020

There is barely an aspect of our lives that isn’t touched by technology. As such, there are thousands of new products shouting for your attention and you can easily miss the key tech trends. What’s hot in tech in 2020? We feel these trends will have the biggest impact on what remains of 2020 and beyond.

New video streaming services hit the market

With Quibi launched, and NBCUniveral’s streaming service Peacock launching on July 15th, consumers have more streaming choices than ever before. As all the newly-launched services try to catch up to Netflix’s massive subscriber numbers, the streaming choices are going to grow. Things will likely be confusing for consumers, but choice is good.

Just when you thought TV tech peaked with 4K


The current crop of TVs are LCD or OLED (OLED being far superior in picture quality, viewing angle, black color representation, etc.) – MicroLED promises all the benefits of OLED, but at a much cheaper price because it does not rely on expensive organic compounds like OLED. We could see these new TVs in the second half of 2020.

Comparing MicroLED to OLED.


For something even cheaper, but reportedly very similar quality to OLED and MicroLED, is TCL’s Mini-LED. It’s actually an improved version of backlit LED. TCL is known for their high quality, inexpensive televisions.


8K displays aren’t new, and they’re not very common as of yet, but that’s set to change. There’s virtually no point in owning one – there is almost no 8K content available and, at typical viewing distances, you won’t be able to see the improvements over 4k. Still, 8K will likely be 4K’s successor in the neat future. Consumers aren’t immediately sold on new TV tech, but they do understand “more is better”.

Next-gen wearable and health tech

Both wearables and health tech have benefited from the advances chips and wireless technology. We are starting to see devices with sophisticated sensors that can measure calorie intake, body temp, blood sugar levels, driver distraction, and even bowel movements. Not to mention sleep tech – from smart mattresses to stress relievers.

Earbuds that go beyond

To really give Apple’s AirPods a run for their money, headphone manufacturers products need to do more. A lot of them are doing just that – better battery life, more innovative and utilitarian designs, improved noise reduction, etc. A huge recent development has been headphones that pull double duty as hearing aids. Be on the lookout for more of these “hearables” in the near future.

Subtle tech

As opposed to flashy, in-your-face tech, subtle tech is about blending into its surroundings in natural ways – Like Mui Lab’s smart display that’s made from a wood surface. Normally it looks like a strip of wood, but in display mode, buttons and messages are shown directly on the wood surface. The idea being that this device blends in seamlessly in your home, as opposed to being just another boring slab of tech cluttering up your space.

The Mui wood display in action.

Innovations in batteries and charging

With all the tech we have these days we’re always looking for better, and faster, ways to charge everything. Advances like wireless charging and USB-C connectors are helping us do just that. There are improved batteries and docks that promise to charge our devices faster from smaller plugs. Flexible batteries are set to be what’s really hot in tech in 2020 and beyond – this innovation promises to make our wearable devices even sleeker.

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